My First Blog: 6 Months Since My First Tweet

Eight months ago, a friend (@tmisavage) urged me to check out a website called I was blown away!  I couldn’t believe how much information a teacher (@joeyfeith) was sharing. As I spent more time on the website, I grew more and more interested in the resources which included unit and lesson plans, interactive skill posters, app recommendations, instructional videos, blogs, #pechat and #pegeeks twitter feeds.

As a person who had graduated with a degree in business marketing and later went back to school to become and physical education teacher; I’m always skeptical about the motives behind websites containing so many free resources. I spent night after night checking in the various physical education twitter hashtags and couldn’t believe all of the amazing teachers who were out there sharing all of the dynamic things they were doing or using to enhance the experiences of their students in P.E.

As an introvert by nature, I spend a lot of time observing and thinking things through before I feel confident enough to step out of my comfort zone and ask a question or offer out a thought. The more I thought about this, the more I realized how much of a weakness this could be when it comes to expanding my abilities to thrive as a teacher. My goal since becoming a physical education teacher has been to change peoples’ perspectives on what P.E. class could be.

It has been 6 months since my first tweet. Slowly but surely I have become increasingly more comfortable sharing, collaborating, and asking questions to my colleagues within the professional learning network on twitter. I’ve learned that I’m far from alone when it comes to the amount of passion I put into thinking about and planning my lessons and units to maximize the experience of all of my students.

The type of teacher who spends his/her free time combing through twitter to collaborate on ideas or answer questions is the type of teacher I want to work with and learn from. I can’t say enough about how much all of the dynamic teachers on twitter have inspired me and have given me hope that we can change the stigma and negative stereotypes that have been associated with our profession. I believe we are on the brink of something huge as physical educators; this network of innovators has the passion and mindset to continue to inspire teachers all over the world. I hope this blog finds more teachers out there who have a quiet passion for what they have chosen for their career. I hope they find us on twitter… and I hope they are inspired to click “follow.”

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