PreK-8 Physical Education Teacher at an independent school for the academically gifted.

Looking for efficient ways to enhance the Physical Education experience with technology. Lifelong learner interested in global collaboration.

IAHPERD Young Professional TOY (2011).
Blue Ribbon & Highlight Program

Twitter: @mrmetcalfpe

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  1. HI Mr. Metcalf! I loved reading about your teaching trip to Australia and Singapore! I take students from the University of Rhode Island on a service trip to Africa every summer to give them teaching experience but have been trying to get them over to Australia! Besides being to expensive I just can’t find a way yo get to the PE teachers, it is always school visits! How did you set this trip up? Did you contact individual teachers and go? I really want to have my students become global citizens. I have been hitting the point home for three years that teaching opens doors through out the world! Any advice or help you could give me in attempting to plan this trip would be great.

    • Hi Karie, Thank you for your kinds words. A service trip to Africa sounds fantastic, good for you! I was able to plan this trip through my professional learn network on twitter. The physical education community is extremely strong on Twitter and I was able to establish relationships with P.E. teachers from around the world. I sent out a few tweets (the year prior to the trip) asking for P.E. teachers who would be willing to have an American P.E. teacher visit them at their school for a day. I received lots of responses from teachers all over the world! Since I was aware of many of the teachers’ work from Twitter (shared resources, websites, blog posts, etc.), I knew that I was connecting with passionate, high-quality teachers and schools! With a grant budget of $5000 and a two week time frame, I was able to focus my planning to the Melbourne, Australia & Singapore areas. I communicated with the teachers through Twitter, email, and Google forms to get a feel for what time of year would be best to schedule… and eventually which day of the week would be best. Each teacher was extremely helpful with communicating logistics of transportation, accommodations, etc. It was truly a phenomenal experience for myself as well as for the teachers, schools, and students I was able to see! If you have any further questions, I would be happy to discuss over the phone, Skype, or Google Hangout. Regards, Adam

  2. Hi Adam,

    I am so hoping to pull this trip off for my students!! I email and facebook. I am attempting Twitter (yep, I follow you) but good ‘ol fashion phone calls are still my favorite forms of communications!

    What grant did you apply for? I am in the very beginning stages of this adventure. I will keep you posted on how I am doing! And of course, when I have questions, I will ask!

    Thank you,

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