A Tip for PE Teachers – Consider Your Strengths

image. Retrieved from realityU.com

Physical education teachers often find themselves in difficult or seemingly impossible situations (class size, budget restrictions, scheduling conflicts, etc.). If you are working with a team or department that lacks a progressive approach, reflect on an area of teaching that you do really well. Use your greatest strength to change one aspect of your program. Teachers are rarely accepting of big sweeping changes that require more work (especially when the perceived results don’t seem to justify the means or when the effort required seems to outstrip the potential reward).

If you can prove yourself incrementally with small changes in areas of strength (time management, data processing, technology, instruction/instructional models, etc), you will build confidence in yourself and your team. While we do learn best through failure; if a new idea bombs miserably, it can be difficult to regain the trust and enthusiasm of your team. Using an area of personal strength will also minimize the risk and variables that are outside of your control. Over time (years), shaping and reshaping your program will become the norm. Other departments and content areas may even be inspired to incorporate new practices!

This tip was featured on Eric Davolt’s website, The #PhysEd Coach.
For more outstanding tips from dynamic teachers, please visit: http://www.thephysedcoach.com/tips-from-t-o-y-s/

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